CLIENT Experience

A small glimpse of the shooting experience with us!


At Bold Promo Media LLC, we look to help those in Cleveland, OH, and surrounding areas. We understand that building trust is key for any business. We want to make that easier by not just being a video company but by providing valuable consultations to ensure you're going into the right direction.

From testimonials that help potential customers choose you over your competitors to recruitment testimonials that attract your ideal employee.


Return On Investment

We understand your time and money are essential. Creating content that actually helps you earn more income is why we're here. To see you succeed.

teamwork makes the dream work

You won't go through the entire process alone. From storyboarding to content direction, whether you're launching a product or want to show off your team, it will guarantee success.

guide you with strategies to maximize your outreach

Ever received content and you had no impact from social media, youtube or blog? We will show you the best way to optimize your content and not just leave you once our job is done.

services we offer

Client Testimonial

Potential customers always will have questions, doubts, fear when they are in the process of using your service. This is a way to emotionally connect with them by telling a story of an ideal customer and their experience with you, in order to build reputable trust.


With employment on the rise, you want to ensure to future employees the benefits of working at your company. Telling their story that connects with future employees is the goal so that your company can grow and attract our ideal employees.


Created content that helps grow their audience on youtube.


Created a short promotional documentary to help gain more members as well as cross-promotion for an interior designer.


Will you be able to help with the creative process?

Yes, we help by going over all the creative touches during pre-production. We understand that professional input is needed.

I am not good at speaking in front of camera, do I have to do this?

So we come prepared knowing that 99% of our clients aren't comfortable in front of cameras. We will coach you and create an environment where you can take your time and genuinely tell your story.

How much does something like this cost?

We understand that budgeting is a concern. We have structured pricing to help eliminate guessing and give you accurate pricing based on your needs. During our free consultation, we will present a pricing sheet that is easy and logical.