About Us

Professional Headshot Owner of Bold Promo Media, Anthony Davis

Bold Promo Media LLC started off as an idea, more so an all-around video and photography company here to help businesses grow. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Anthony Davis recognized the growth of the city's entrepreneurial spirit. Watching small businesses develop in the middle of a pandemic, he was inspired to take his talents to help push brands to the next level. Wanting to separate himself from his peers, he didn't want to just do simple portraits and headshots just to fill others' portfolios, his time in video marketing, shows him that there's more than what meets the eye. Being able to produce content that allows small businesses to make a profit was more intriguing. So he restructured the brand and targeted it directly at scaling businesses.

Since opening in August 2020, there were a few lessons along the way. There will be other blogs in the future. Some growth techniques BPM specializes in are SEO, social media management, marketing, and content strategy. Bonuses are youtube SEO but that's another conversation. It is crucial to not just be a photographer in this field, you have to separate yourself in order to help others grow. From using specific # on Instagram, so that your marketing isn't wasted, to educating ALT text to help your image boost your SEO, there are ways to grow your brand, and we are here to help.

Your brand means everything to us. From branded content to product photography of a new product, we are ready to take on the world with you. Thank you for allowing us to do so and we look forward to hearing from you! If you are ready to start today, fill out this request form here. Want to see our Brand Portfolio? And for our product photography.