Using photography for advertisement

What is advertisement photography?

With so many categories within photography, it's easy to ask what's the difference. Isn't all photography the same? The concept of using a camera to take a picture might be relevant but what makes it stand out is its purpose. For business portraits, that might just be to show off your business's constant growth, for weddings, this is to capture an emotional, once-in-a-lifetime moment. Advertisements in general persuade your audience to take action. That should be your next question, how do you get them to take action? We will go over 2 ways to achieve that which include emotional and motivational storytelling.

Emotional Images

Being able to connect on an emotional level is a very simple task but not an easy one. A brand should be able to identify that emotion based on their audience but at times, it's not that simple. When hiring an advertising photographer or an advertisement team, it's essential that they are able to understand the impact of your product just as much as you do. If you are a luxury restaurant that caters to couples for date night, maybe create images that express an intimate night out with your loved one. If you are a fitness brand, show images that express an accomplishment since they've reached their fitness goals. There are infinite ways to go about this, when hiring, make sure that they understand this. The last example ties into our next point, motivational storytelling.

Inspire me to buy, please!

Ever heard that people are ready to find any reason to spend money, they just have to be willing to? I've heard it and seen it happen. Also, experienced it myself whenever I see a food commercial with steam coming from the food and I can practically smell it. How is that? When looking at images, they are more than just that. Those images are intentional, from the images in the foreground to the images in the background. It tells a story but in just one frame. This heightens senses that make you remember an experience and you're able to even tell a story from that. I believe you get the idea, find ways to enhance your advertisement by allowing a story to be shared in the frame in order to entice buyers.

Combine Both

Now that wasn't too bad, was it? As we stated it's simple but not easy. Try to think of a way to make a lasting impression, and it doesn't have to be so direct. Be creative but make sure you get your message across. If you would like to know more or are ready to hire us for your photography needs, sign up here to get in contact with one of our professional photographers.