But I've Tried this already!?

At this point, all of your competitors are using video to introduce their business. With apps like Youtube, IG, Facebook, Linkedin, why aren't you using that to your advantage? I can answer that for you, simply...you don't know how to. You've probably made a few attempts but it did not benefit your company and decided at that point never to waste $250 again. Well, I am here to break down a better method so that you can introduce your company effectively.

Video Business card

Digital Cards?

No, not that kind of business card. Video Business card allows you to not only tell your story about who you are, what you do, and why you do it, this also helps you emotionally connect to your ideal customer. This is a less scripted format but the questions are designed to show your personality and let them know why you're the best fit without saying you're the best fit. Use this before a sales meeting, an automated video after you get a new subscriber or on your home page on your website. This helps save you time and make the buying decision a no-brainer.

Promotional Video

why not just stop at the business card?

Well, why would you just stop there? Don't you have products or services you want to showcase? Yes, it can be seen as the same but promo videos can be as short as 15 seconds. Use this to quickly highlight your services effectively. Not so much in-depth as a VBC but this will still get the job done.

Testimonial Video

I have text testimonials, isn't that enough?

Simply, no. Having text-based does help when searching through google but what happens when they come to your website and still is unsure if you can execute what you're delivering. By using video, you can eliminate some common questions and concerns by hiring a video production company that can successfully answer questions that an ideal client might be asking based on proper consulting and research. This is another non-scripted element that can produce amazing results if done correctly.


If you want to know more or are ready for us to help you with producing videos so that you can introduce your brand, feel free to fill out our contact form and we'll be ready to schedule your discovery meeting!