Instagram marketing sucks for me

So you just paid all that money to a professional marketing company to capture images to help solve your problems but instead of engaging with your target, your hit with “send this post to blah blah blah”

This can be frustrating and eventually, you’ll feel like you’re regretting your investment. How can you avoid this?

1. Hire a business that just doesn’t take photos. We understand that our job isn’t done after we pack up our gear and send you the final images. Instagram can punish you if you don’t effectively market your content.

2. Identify your audience - It’s more than just hashtags and memes. Identify who your ideal member/customer is by who and what they follow, activities you see on their page, hashtags they use and follow, and many other factors.

3. Great content - Reading the room is key. It’s okay to have the top-of-the-line photo/film production but only if it’s effective. If you gain more engagement from videos or photos from your phone, you’re wasting money and time. Phones are so advanced now. Get your message out efficiently.